Rebel Without A Clue Holly Uyemoto

ISBN: 9780517571705

Published: October 14th 1989


194 pages


Rebel Without A Clue  by  Holly Uyemoto

Rebel Without A Clue by Holly Uyemoto
October 14th 1989 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 194 pages | ISBN: 9780517571705 | 5.23 Mb

The author bio at the bottom on the back flap states that Holly Uyemoto is work on another novel. To the best of my knowledge, ten years down the road it hasnt seen the light of day. And that might not be a bad thing. I get the feeling Uyemoto was one of the authors snapped up in the wake of the success of McInerney, Bret Easton Ellis, and the other wunderkind (Uyemoto was 19 when Rebel Without a Clue came out), when, as one pundit put it, if you hadnt written your first novel by the time you were twenty-five, you were dogmeat. And Rebel Without a Clue suffers from most of the same problems that its more popular big brothers and sisters did-- it just isnt about all that much.Granted, Uyemoto tackles a subject thats weighed down with emotion as it is-- a male model comes home from New York and tells his best friend, and only his best friend, that he has AIDS.

(Interesting how he seems to have gotten it without having gotten HIV- in the hands of a more capable author, this could have been a Duesbergian masterpiece, but it seems as if Uyemoto just kind of forgot.) And its possible that most readers will bring their own well of emotion to the table any time the acronym is mentioned. And granted, it appeared at a time when very few authors were dealing with the subject. But thats not an excuse for allowing your charcaters to change their viewpoints on someone else without knowing the full story.

Thomas, the model, tells Christian, his best friend. Hes also told his mother and stepfather (and the stepfather is one of the only clearly-drawn characters here, and is thoroughly unlikable). No one else knows, but still, the perceptions of their circle of kind-of-friends change towards him from a basic annoyance at the famous one to an active dislike as we go along, and were never told why. As well, a lot of relationships in the book are just presented to us, static and without resolution, most notably Christians relationship with his sometime-girlfriend Christabel. But I could probably have forgiven all of that and let the book get away with at least a ** 1/2 were it not for one thing that I despise (which is probably what drew the critics to it in the first place)-- Uyemotos heavy-handed and liberal use of upper-middle-class/upperclass Northern California late 80s slang.

One of the true pleasures of finishing this book is that hopefully I will never again have to read about someone talking to someone else on the tele about needing a vaca. I ended up wanting to gut a few of the less literate characters. Thankfully, Thomas and Christian wander through a number of different landscapes, most of which dont have annoying slang-- at least, not in the book-- and so pieces of it are spared.Ultimately, a completely unsatisfying journey, though I have to give it credit for compelling me to read to the end to find out if any of the loose ends get tied up.

I dont think it will be much of a spoiler if I tell you they dont.

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