The Conscious Planet: A Vision of Sustainability, Peace & Prosperity Neil M. Pine


Published: July 16th 2013

Kindle Edition

581 pages


The Conscious Planet: A Vision of Sustainability, Peace & Prosperity  by  Neil M. Pine

The Conscious Planet: A Vision of Sustainability, Peace & Prosperity by Neil M. Pine
July 16th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 581 pages | ISBN: | 5.58 Mb

(Neil Pine- I would not affiliate myself with the A.M.A)Written by a believer in cannabis oil can cure cancer. He wants you to believe he “impeccably researched” everything. Let’s just say he claims he can give you the number of real doctor who refers patients to an average Joe on the street with no medical knowledge and this average Joe can cure you of terminal cancer.“Neil Pine The phone # I will give you is a man who was cured in 30 days of TERMINAL liver cancer, after he was told to go home and DIE, and that there was nothing else that modern medicine could do for him!

Not only did he cure himself, but he now does this for other people or teaches people how to do it themselves. If this process is not done correctly, then It may not work, and there are a lot of disreputable people who would sell you unsuitable extractions!This average joe has cured many people apparently.

This means we have medical histories of a lot of people with terminal cancer, and then their cure. (Surprisingly he cannot produce any confirmation of any kind what so ever.) Lets skip over the implausibility of a real medical doctor referring his patients who are miraculously cured of terminal cancer multiple times and we have never heard about it.

You would beright in guessing an international cabal of Big Pharma/Government across the generations with black helicopters keep these pesky natural healers in their place.Neil M Pine. It is impeccably researched with 560 pages and 38 chapters!Neil Pine - And the best thing about it is that there are no side effects and I have heard it works in only a few months or less! Thats what Im being told over and over!If Neil M Pine “impeccably researched” anything he would have “impeccably researched” these HISTORY MAKING occurrences.

He didn’t, are you surprised?Boiled down this book is a shining example of systematic global generational black helicopter operations by government and their puppet masters big-pharma meant to repress totally sweet, empathetic compassionate vegans.However if the ramblings of a man who isn’t even a naturopath, although one endorsed his front cover he is proud to tell you, and a believer in stoner oil curing everything then you have meet your nirvana book.PS Did I add when you question Neil M Pine on the details he “impeccably researched” he can and is often quite robust in his replies.

Don’t ask questions if you have delicate ears.Quote of the Day:Self-publishing is often a sin in the eyes of the sane.

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