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Dark Winter  by  William Dietrich

Dark Winter by William Dietrich
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Imagine your standing at the very bottom of the planet. Fierce winter winds howl out on the icescape. The night is illuminated by the brilliant aurora. There is no possibility of flight, no possibility of outside aid. Then, imagine that among the group of people around you - the people you must work with, live with, and trust with your life - there is at least one killer. . .DARK WINTERAt the Admundsen-Scott research base winter temperatures can dive down to minus 110°.

Outside, the cold flash freezes mucous membranes and carves calories from your body. Inside is the constant throb of generators, the smell of fuel oil, and twenty-six men and women whove come here from all walks of life - an uneasy mix of personalites, specialties, sexual tension, and outright conflict. But while each person is playing his or her own role in some of the most advanced psychological and scientific experiments of our time, all about to share one harrowing journey through a dark polar season.

One by one the winter overs begin to die.Jed Lewis was the last arrival before winter descended at the South Pole. A geologist who mysteriously jettisoned a high-paying job with an oil company - a rock hound come to a place where there are no rocks - hes quickly drawn into controversy over the discovery, and subsequent theft, of a small meteorite that may be a fragment of Mars and worth millions of dollars on the open market.

When the meteorite disappears, Lewis is accused. When the killing begins, every piece of evidence points to him.Suddenly Lewis finds himself with only one ally, a woman to whom he is growing dangerously attracted. But even she has her doubts. With the station buffeted by the muderous Antartic winter, none of the stations inhabitants can look into anothers eyes and not see a potential murderer.Setting a new standard for adventure fiction, DARK WINTER pits humankinds most primal urges against a backdrop of cutting-edge scientific research - studies of not only our planet and the South Pole but how we will fare when venturing into remote outer space, Utterly original, this is a novel that challenges the intellect even as it entralls with the coldest of terror.

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