A Man of His Word: My Walk, My Witness Chuck Rambaldo

ISBN: 9781438988009

Published: November 23rd 2009


240 pages


A Man of His Word: My Walk, My Witness  by  Chuck Rambaldo

A Man of His Word: My Walk, My Witness by Chuck Rambaldo
November 23rd 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 240 pages | ISBN: 9781438988009 | 7.76 Mb

A Man of His Word One Walk, One Witness Feeling helpless or hopeless about the current job market, your finances, your family situation? Have you had enough of those self-help books that promise you everything short of total paradise? Then, A Man of His Word is the book for you.

It will not promise you anything other than the truth. It is an autobiography of one man and his witness to overcoming lifes trials. Sure, sure you say, just another book about one of those born again guys writing his tall tale. Well, for him it has been over a quarter-century since he lost everything- worldly possessions, family, and even his mind.

And in that period of time, God-through His Word and other witnesses, has given the Chuck Rambaldo an inner peace that most of us have heard those Sunday preachers speak about, but never have experienced. A Man of His Word takes you on a journey from childhood, adulthood, to Christhood. He is offering his walk as a witness to what Jesus meant by take up thy Cross, and follow Me daily. The book depicts a mans belief before he was thirty-five years of age and reveals what happened in his life after he frantically tapped into that spiritual dimension most of us were either never taught about or simply shrug off as silly.

He shares with the reader some very honest moments in what was a life full of accomplishments. He takes you through his despair, depression, and deliverance, chapter by chapter. Although Chuck proclaims himself to have once been a doubting Thomas, he leaves you with a prescription to aid you in your own lifes journey.

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